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Strategy and Marketing Consulting Services are always defined in accordance with the client´s needs, listening thoroughly to their challenges and aspirations, and offering many collaboration formulas to further adapt our services to their constraints and uncertain scenarios.


Our expertise encompasses various types of projects in terms of dimension, technical challenges, and international scope. This briefing is to illustrate our capacity to  tackle many kinds of projects, beyond developing the Tourism 3.0 approach explained in the White Papers.

White Papers

Envisioning Tourism 3.0 builds thought leadership on how to integrate the principles of Marketing 3.0 in the tourism industry. A collection of White Papers explains in detail both the vision on how this approach would shape the industry as well as the strategy planning methods.


Envisioning Tourism 3.0 Ltd. is a consulting firm building thought leadership in strategy innovation for tourism destinations, designing innovative business models, intelligence and marketing systems to envision how tourism destinations may embrace the trends labelled under “The vision of Tourism 3.0”, encompassing collaborative models, open innovation, human spirit marketing, product co-creation, storytelling and culture shift towards innovation and collaboration, among others.



Jordi worked with me for two years. He is diligent, creative and abund in innovative ideas: he has an outstanding imagination for designing new business models and product development, as well as for envisioning how to revamp the marketing system of a business or destination to boost its profitability, with creative and sensible solutions

Zhejiang Gongshang University

Professor and CEO of the Institute of Tourism Planning

Henry Gwang



+34 638 240 646



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