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Tourism 3.0 White Paper Series

This White Paper Series intends to explain the Vision of Tourism 3.0, depict all the envisioned approaches, as well as to present practical examples to illustrate the vision, and to develop some of the key concepts entailing more complexity.

The Vision of Tourism 3.0 explains the key concepts characterizing the Vision of Tourism 3.0, the main approaches to developing it in different cases, and the core principles to be followed upon developing destinations utilizing this vision.  Download 

Envisioning destination intelligence 3.0 explains how nationwide destinations may foster a tourism development towards Tourism 3.0 through a collaborative intelligence system where all stakeholders are empowered to participate in order to leverage the collective intelligence for the benefit of the destination. Download

Envisioning destination marketing 3.0 explains how mission driven destinations may shift their marketing system by developing life-changing experiences and stories through co-creation and open innovation where all stakeholders are empowered to contribute. Download

Envisioning destination models 3.0 explains how to develop local destination collaborative models embracing all the concepts formulating the Vision of Tourism 3.0. This is the most complex of the three approaches and entails full transformation of the destination model. Download 

Marketing destinations through storytelling explains the influential power of stories as marketing contents and the key strategies for successful story making and storytelling. It also explains how to develop the storytelling skills, and how this practice becomes a life-changing experience. Download

Building a culture of collaboration and innovation explains the key factors and strategies to drive cultural change throughout the stakeholder system in order to foster collaboration and innovation in the destination, as these are crucial to the success of Tourism 3.0. Download

Envisioning open innovation in destinations explains the key strategies to develop and operate an open innovation system in a tourism destination. It also envisions many potential outcomes and benefits for the tourism business, the professional contributors and the local communities. Download

Planning Methods White Paper Series

This White Paper Series presents the key methodologies for tourism development planning, encompassing marketing planning, business model design and strategic planning to help the reader understand how the envisioned ideas in the Tourism 3.0 series may be made real.

The Marketing Plan 3.0 explains how to craft a marketing plan step by step to develop a Marketing 3.0 system. It explains the strategy formulation methods and provides guidance on the appropriate strategies and tactics to successfully develop Marketing 3.0 in a destination. Download

The 5 Competitive Forces & Business Strategy explains the McKinsey Matrix method to select a sustainable business portfolio and the investment priorities based on the destination’s competitiveness in every business, and the attractiveness of each business. It also explains the 5 Competitive Forces framework applied to tourism destinations. Download

Competitiveness Planning 3.0 explains the key strategies and operational programs that enhance the destination’s competitiveness in order to approach the Vision of Tourism 3.0 and ensure a sustainable development, providing inspirational guidance for creative strategists and visionaries who are designing the next generation’s destinations. Download

Clustering strategy explains why the clustering strategy is essential for the destination development planning, and how structuring the territory is a key factor for competitiveness and sustainability, with supporting case studies that help the strategy planners envision creative solutions to their destination planning challenges. Download


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