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How do we work?

Holistic understanding of the challenges. Every project we undertake begins with a listening phase of empathetic research in order to approach and understand all the stakeholders’ problems, visions and aspirations to ultimately obtain a sound and holistic view on the challenge we have to tackle.

Mapping and prioritizing critical points. Out of the research phase we draft a map of critical points to be prioritized and challenges to be tackled, analyzing their interrelationships in order to foresee possible incompatibilities and trade-offs, to ultimately design optimally balanced solutions.

Researching solutions. Then, it’s time to study solutions for each of the challenges, for which it is worth learning about the best practices from the most innovative industries and case studies to inspire creative solutions both for specific challenges and strategic modelling visions.

Developing the solution. Finally, the solution has to be designed, through an iterative process of drafting, testing and refining, initially carried out by the project team, and progressively requesting the contribution of the critical stakeholders.

Validating the solution. Once the project output is delivered, upon the client’s request, we like to track the evolution of the project implementation, monitoring the results through the designed KPI’s in order to assess its evolution in every development phase in case it is necessary to make corrections.


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