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Since most consulting projects entail the need for expertise in many specific areas and fields, we are used to partner with other professionals in accordance with the needed knowledge and skills required to fulfill our clients expectations to the fullest. At the same time we offer our expertise to other partners for the same purpose. 

Partnership policy

Envisioning Tourism 3.0 Ltd. is used to work in partnership with other consulting firms and Universities, as long as the project requires a multidisciplinary collaboration, as it usually occurs.

When we require a certain expertise, we contact the partner on crafting the budget to assess which contributions can he fulfill, specifying all the information that he will be provided with and asking him to state the fees to be charged in order to meet specific results.

As well, when a partner contacts us requiring our expertise for his project, we provide a closed budget stating the information needed to fulfill the specific demanded results and the fees to be charged. We commit to fulfill the stated results no matter the time that needs to be invested in order to achieve them.


We are willing to cooperate with partners sharing our aforementioned values in view of a long-lasting relationship of shared success.

If you are interested in exploring a project partnership with Envisioning Tourism 3.0 Ltd., contact us through any of the means stated below.


+34 638 240 646



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