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Flexible collaboration formulas

Find the formula that suits your needs

Depending on your needs, vision, budget and time availability, it is possible to work through various collaboration formulas:

1. Standard flexible project: the full project is contracted, structured with intermediate deliverables and meetings, where it is possible to reorient the work in accordance with newly detected needs, as well as extending the scope of the initial deal. The overall cost is lower than through the phases or modules framework.

2. Phase-based project: structured in phases with different levels of idea development. Starting with a complete but synthetic document in the first phase, the client decides what part of the document (which ideas) should be further developed in detail at the end of every phase. The client can abandon the project at the end of any phase.

3. Module-based project: structured in sequential modules (diagnosis-strategy-action plan) in a way that the project can be redefined or abandoned at the end of every module. As in the phase-based formula, this is adequate when the client does not have a clear idea about the desired scope of the project or about the affordability of the whole project in the short term.

4. Monthly fee-based project: the project is developed with a minimum dedication of 16 hours per month. This is adequate for projects with low available budget in the short term and little urgency, or when the characteristics of the project require a dedication extended in time. It is also possible for the client to stop the project for a period of up to two months.

5. Mentoring: ongoing advisory service on how to carry out a specific project (elaboration and implementation) with a minimum dedication of eight hours per month. In this formula the client carries out the bulk of the work, and the consultant orientates the client on what to do and how to do it, monitoring also the results obtained. This formula has the lowest cost.

Furthermore, it is possible to change the formula in some cases once the project has been started, as long as the change goes from a low commitment formula (2 or 3) towards a higher commitment formula (formulas 1 and 4) which are also more cost-effective. Feel free to ask for further advice about what kind of collaboration formula may be the most suitable for your project.


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