Market Intelligence Study on Sport Tourism demand in the Nordic Countries

The report explained the characteristics of demand and trends of every segment within this market, and presented the key information for product development and marketing. A Sports Tourism Guide described all the resources and services available for this market in Catalonia (Spain). 


Study of the tourism flows in the Ebro Delta (Spain)

The survey consisted of an estimation of the tourist flows, analysing also the types of visitors, their activities, motivations, means of transport used, itineraries, and their impact on the protected areas of the park.


Strategy and Marketing Plan for St. Julià de Lòria (Andorra)

The plan consisted of a comprehensive Strategy Plan focusing on two projects (Shopping Village and Mountain Resort for families), Competitiveness Plan, and a Marketing Plan for developing the tourism activity in this region.


Tourism Development Plan for Hangzhou in Zhejiang (China)

The Plan encompassed a comprehensive Strategy Plan, a Strategic & Operational Marketing Plan, conceptualization and feasibility studies of 18 investment projects , cross-destination competitiveness programmes, and site competitiveness action plans.


Feasibility Plan for a Hostel in Vallcebre (Spain)

The study assessed the need for investment and oriented business owners on the conditions that would make the facility feasible in several likely scenarios, namely considering prices and occupancy rates.


Business Model design for a Hospitality School in Mataró (Spain)

The study presented the most profitable and appropriate to demand business model, explaining the needed services portfolio according to demand researched, as well as the key management activities.



Master Plan of a Theme Park about Prehistory in Zhejiang (China)

The Plan consited of a layout explaining all the resources, services, mobility issues, and experiences to be developed for visitors in the area, also to broadcast films recreating Prehistoric periods. 


Tourism Development Plan for Hefei Lake area in Anhui (China)

The Plan consisted of a layout explaining the resources, services, and experiences to be created in and around the Hefei lake area, defining clusters and designing imaginative business models such as the Art Fishing Village. 


Strategy Plan for the development of a Theme Park cluster in Anhui (China)

The Plan consisted of a layout explaining different options on how to integrate many Theme Parks within a cluster, optimizing the infrastructure design to address mobility and environmental issues. 


Marketing Plan for Luxury Apartments in Barcelona (Spain)

The Plan explained how to shift the marketing system from a customer acquisition model to customer retention and recommendation model, designing strategies to improve the client experience, increase direct bookings and sales of extra services. 


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